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Our premises at the Römerring and in the Hafenstraße are accredited according to BimSchG (law for the protection against harmful environmental impacts caused by air pollution, noises, vibrations and similar processes).
Furthermore, both sites are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and as specialised waste management company.
Both storage places are sealed completely with concrete of highest quality and connected to oil separators and coalescence filter systems. The resulting chip emulsion is treated with a emulsion separation plant to clear water and filter cake. All goods movements are weighed on our electronic 50t platform weighing system when entering and leaving the premises and checked for radioactive contamination.
It is possible to determine the analytic composition of all metals thanks to our own spectral analysis unit or the portable X-ray fluorescence analyser.

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Willi Hennies Recycling GmbH & Co. KG treats and deals with steel and foundry scrap, non ferrous – (copper, brass, zinc, lead, …) and alloy metals (stainless steels).
Our burner systems are available to our customer for scrap disposal / separation work
on the customer’s own premises. 
As the iron and steel recovery is a very energy-intensive sector, the industry relies on the recycling of scrap metals already for a long time.
The use of recycled metals is interesting not only in view of environmental protection. As the raw materials iron and steel can be recovered by 100%, part of the high energy costs (approx. 30% less consumption of primary energy) accruing in the production of ores is not required for recycling products – without any compromise regarding quality.
The same applies for non-ferrous and alloy metals.

In response to the quality requirements of the industry and the increased demand for recycling metals, the technique of recovery and separation developed further. Today, we have systems according to the state-of-the-art with high capacities in use which do not only meet the demanding quality requirements – but also actively support the environmental protection.