1923   Willi Hennies establishes the company. He starts doing business with scrap and metal with a seed capital of 1,000 RM and a bicycle.     
1925 A horse and a carriage are bought.
1927 An old half-timbered house with backyard and storage shed is acquired as business place.
1946 Willi Hennies takes over his brother’s business located in the Steuerwalder Straße. His daughter Ursel and his son Horst-Dieter become shareholder of the company.
1949/50 The family business buys the premises at the Römerring from the Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke – the Associated German Metal Works.
1969 Horst-D. Hennies leaves the Hildesheim based company as shareholder.
1971 Willi Hennies dies at the age of 69. Ursel and Karl Staufenbiel continue the business.
1976 Additional property located at the Hildesheim port is bought.
1985 Ulrich Staufenbiel takes on management.
1988 A Zerdirator system is built.
1998 Ursel and Karl Staufenbiel leave the company.
1998 The quality management system and the business as specialised waste management company are certified.
1999 Installation of the SV 1250 large scrap cutter.
2003/4 Comprehensive investment in the infrastructure of the company
2006 Certification as accredited specialised company according to the electric and electronic equipment act
2008 Erection and commissioning of a pre-shredder
2014 Start of the new construction of three storage buildings with a total surface of approx. 2,500 m²
2015 Robert Staufenbiel supports his father as second managing director
2016 Ulrich Staufenbiel dies at the age of 59.
Mr Robert Staufenbiel takes on the sole management.


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